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So, woke up on a cold, rainy morning with an extra blanket that I hadn’t on when I went to bed. It’s good to have a sweet caring wife. She’s my guiding light and has been so for nearly 25 years now. She’s the kind of woman who has dedicated her life to helping kids and people learn, the kind of woman who also donates a substantial amount to charity every month, even when times are tough. The kind of woman who adopted two lonely elders in our house, visited them regularly, helped them, even bought bags full of goodies and traditional foods for the bigger holidays. If only more people were like her, especially a few of those who talk big about the horrors of our society, but never, ever do anything good or actually important. We need more proper social justice warriors, and we need to believe in the possibility that we can make things better. We need that hope, or we are truly lost.