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With all due respect to my friends who have friends and relatives in the region…

Current death toll in the latest conflict between Israel and Palestine: 340 “terrorists & civilians” vs 1 soldier

In total of the years 1987-2011 the numbers are 7978 vs 1503 with a huge escalation in the last 10 years.

2011 118 vs 11
2010 81 vs 8
2009 1034 vs 9 (This year a third of the palestinian casualties were children or youths)
2008 887 vs 35
2007 385 vs 13
2006 665 vs 23
2005 190 vs 51
2004 832 vs 108

Now who were the victims again?

This just isn’t right, not ethically, humanely, politically or tactically. There can’t be a winner here and it may well trigger much more serious events in the region, leading up to a new world war. At this point it is just slaughter, however much some try to mask it as defensive actions and push the blame onto the “enemy”.