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National pride and cohesion can also be built on diversity, inclusiveness, liberty and acceptance of differences, together building a greater whole. Conversely, forced driving towards strict monoculture and uniformity, can lead to both increased internal conflict and disenfranchisement, due to a growingly oppressive state, with stricter and stricter control of thought, expression and behaviour, and through this cause an eventual disintegration of both nation and empire. In short, nationalism can also, ironically, become a threat against the very thing it is seeking to protect and preserve.

Just as full equality can never be achieved, neither can full uniformity lead to complete unity. As you peel away the things that stand out, new layers with finer peculiarities will just take their place and there will always be someone at the bottom to kick around. Conformity eats itself like a cancer. The division stays the same, only the scale changes. And sooner or later many of those who are currently doing the kicking will find themselves at the bottom, receiving the kicking. True acceptance of and appreciation for diversity builds strength and adaptability.