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Just as there is a certain positive naïveté when looking at the world and society, there is also a negative one and the half-empty glass analogy is getting more and more relevant as more and more people seem to be changing towards the half empty outlook, rather than the opposite, never seeing the good, only the bad. And this inevitably leads to a very volatile combination of a sense of entitlement, fear, paranoia, and a corrosive loss of hope.

That combination in return can be exploited by redirecting it towards weak targets, by offering just a sliver of hope to the greater majority if we only exclude the few. Again, this is a cancer that feeds on itself, as once we exclude those, another minority will just take their place. And another, and another, looking for smaller and smaller differences that set us apart, seeking a forever unreachable uniformity rooted in a falsified image of history, while constantly making us weaker, poorer and less adaptable in the process.

And worse, promoting this image of half-emptiness will also nurture a certain kind of semi-paranoid sociopathic behavior with people who deem the current system broken beyond fixing, hoping for, and seeking, a complete violent breakdown of society so it can be rebooted with only the strong and pure, free from corruption and disease. We see these people everywhere around us now, waiting excitedly for the Ragnarök and a new dawn of man. And not just waiting, but acting to further the rapid breakdown of society, in a twisted attempt at conserving it.