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Speaking of propaganda and banging on war drums… Something which is currently making the rounds on the Internet, not least at anti-muslim and nazi sites is reports on the ISIS beheading children. Now, while I don’t have any doubts that the ISIS is a bunch of evil mf’s, it should be noted that all of the reports on this stem from one Christian American Iraq-born business man, living in San Diego, who’s an expert on viral marketing and who has some form of collaboration with the Obama administration as well as the Iraqi government.

Now this may turn out to have some truth in it, but pictures that have been posted thus far have not been confirmed to be tied to such events and are in several cases distinctly suspicious. And there seems to be no other reports other than a single interview with this business man.

Now, I do not oppose military action against the ISIS, but I feel quite suspicious as to the validity of these stories and it is really depressing to see how some put it all in the lap of all muslims, not least with the other bullshit that has been circulating lately.