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“So, transgenders and homosexuality have existed in many, many cultures throughout history, and even animals exhibit such behaviour, but accepting them is a “social experiment” that threaten the fabric of society? Come on. This is all about not wanting our own narrow perceptions and identity shaken or questioned, demanding that everyone lives in accordance with the limits we set on things, because anything else makes us uncomfortable, having our set ideas disturbed.


Maybe it is about damn time that we rise above the old self-centred “morals” and the mistreatment of others that come with it, recognizing it for what it is, a not chosen life, just as for the rest of us. Acceptance of others is never a threat. Not accepting them, however, always is, and has led to some horrible crimes, half-heartedly motivated by “morals” and false logic, built on ignoring the reality of things.


Or in short; leave people the fuck alone to lead their lives as they want and have to. It will rarely affect your life in any tangible or important way. That is a choice we can make, quite unlike being born transgender or gay.”