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Sometimes I think we would see many more revolutions had we not had TV, Internet and video games to dull our minds and our anxieties with. The people in power, especially those basing their politics on religion seem to have not changed their ideas very much the last century or so… Distrust in the academics and science, not understanding the motives for civil unrest and so on…

Imperial rule was the natural order of things, and to threaten it threatened the world itself; revolution was the harbinger of ‘famine, destruction, the death of culture, of glory, of honour and of spirit, the death of states and the death of peoples’. The monarchical system was very dear to Ungern; it was the centrepiece of the hierarchies that governed his world. The Russian monarchy, however, was the most sacred of all, blessed, like Russia, by God himself.

The revolution, seemingly spontaneous, was really controlled by the Jews and intellectuals; it was ‘the horrible harvest of the seed sowed by revolutionaries’. He dismissed any suggestion that the revolts might have arisen out of genuine social grievance, believing that ‘in their hearts, the people remained loyal to Tsar, Faith and Fatherland’, but had been led astray by the intelligentsia.

– From The Bloody White Baron about Roman von Ungern-Sternberg by James Palmer