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Considering how it has always been better before, going at least as far back as the Greeks…

“The children now love luxury; they have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in place of exercise. Children are now tyrants, not the servants of their households.”

– Socrates/Plato

… it must have been pretty fucking epically awesome back in the Stone Age. And yet brutal crime, poverty and suffering was a very strong part of urban life around the Victorian period & the 18th cent, and acts of violence a high risk for a citizen long before. Just look at the 30,000 strong Apaches Parisienne who plagued Paris at a time when it had just above 2 million people. They apparently even had sister gangs aroung the world, e.g. with the Russian Apaches.

Or look at the Glasgow razor gangs with e.g. the fascist Billy Boys. Or the Peaky Blinders of Birmingham who made a habit of recruiting children to carry their weapons. Or the Mohocks of London who had fun disfiguring innocent people at random using knives and swords. Or the High Rip Gang of Liverpool who the police often didn’t dare intervene with, due to their brutality and habit of always being armed. Or the Deansgate Mob of Liverpool, and so on.

Some of them were even part criminal/part political gangs, like the Billy Boys or the Know-Nothing Gang who under threat of violence forced people to vote in certain ways, or with violence tried to stop the immigration of Catholics. It is believed that Edgar Allan Poe may have been one of the victims of the Know-Nothing Gang and that he died shortly after having been kidnapped, drugged and locked up, in an attempt to force him to support their political agenda.

Even Japan had their own gang in the Kabukimono (Crazy Ones) of the lordless samuray of young men who in women’s clothing and makeup roamed the streets armed, nihilistic and drunk. And not forgetting the murderous Thuggees of India who gave us the word “thug”. Or the Green Gang of Shanghai who gave us the phrase to “shanghai” someone…

And things of course didn’t stop there. Look e.g. at London during and after WW2, with organized crime flourishing with dire circumstances and the black market. Or, reversedly, looking back even farther, the Renaissance had huge problems with violent crime and robberies, with everyone carrying swords and daggers in public in large parts of Europe. The idea that that would stop people from insulting others or behaving badly is just plain wrong. It just got people maimed and killed more, as noted e.g. by Beltramino Cursado in 1490. Stockholm, Sweden had about 80 times as many murders and slayings in the 1500s as today, relatively.
And then we have the Damned Crew in late 16th and 17th London, a rowdy gang of “adventurers” who liked to drink and fight with the town guards and assault passers-by. The Hawkubites were quite similar about a 100 years later and are said to have “beat up women, children, watchmen, and old men in the streets after dark”.

“From Mohock and from Hawkubite,
Good Lord, deliver me!
Who wander through the streets at night,
Committing cruelty.
They slash our sons with bloody knives,
And on our daughters fall;
And if they murder not our wives,
We have good luck withal
Coaches and chairs they overturn,
Nay, carts most easily;
Therefore from Gog and Magog,
Good Lord, deliver me!”

All in culturally quite homogenous societies of generally very conservative and mostly Christian values. Maybe, just maybe urban life has a few other issues that are part in causing these problems of crime in modern society…

Just saying this with absolutely no interest in debating or even allowing a pointless debate on my page, and with a strong inclination towards deleting any such thing due to past experiences off bullshit.