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It’s a bit funny. Rolf Lidberg was an artist who painted trolls, with the environments all coming from where I grew up, and with many of the objects being things I grew up with, both in my family but more so with my grandparents who I spent a lot of my early years with; like handmade baskets, copper coffee pots, the old ways of making coffee with rough grind straight into the pot which I started drinking already as a kid although not drinking from the saucer like the elders, socks made by my grandmother and Lovikka mittens that sucked for making snowballs, kicksleds used all through the winter and even racing them down icy streets, ice fishing perch and brown and rainbow trout, and arctic char, eating lingon- blue- and golden cloudberries, skiing or walking through the beautiful woods, mires and swimming in the lakes, with the neverending days of northern summer and the deep snow and darkness for half the year. All of it is so familiar. And as I get older I find myself looking more and more like one of those old trolls, going back to the woods again. Miss the north though. ๐Ÿ™‚