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Just as water will smooth a rock, with time we will figure out the way forward, as the population growth that came with industrialism and the great medical advances of the 19th and 20th cent eases off. We will likely need to try looking at new and different models though, and to strive for decentralization and ruralization, truly putting power back in the hands of the majority, preferably in a controlled and peaceful fashion, as the alternative will likely be extremely damaging to all and can lead to horrible results very distant from what is needed.

None of this can happen peacefully without a common trust in those in control of these processes and the tools used, and currently that trust has been made dangerously weak, making violent change all the more likely. Belief in ethical behavior needs to permeate all of society, or at a minimum, there has to be a belief that it does, or it will collapse. And hope. Hope that change and improvement is possible, because not believing in this makes us extremely vulnerable and exploitable to false prophets. Devious lies will always be sexier than the truth.