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Sweet son Alexander it is a good thing precious, and honourable when the king speaks but little, but if ever great need require it. It is better that the ears of the people be willing to hear the words of a king, than to be weary of his too much speaking. For when the ears be glutted with the king’s speech (and twittering) their hearts be weary to see him.


Swete sone Alexander it is a goodly thyng precyous, and honourable whan the kynge speketh but lytell. But yf over grete nede requyre it. It is better that the eeres of the people be wylling to here the wordes of a kynge, than to be wery of his to moche spekyng. For whan the eeres be glutted with the kynges speche theyr hertes be wery to se hym.

– Aristotle to Alexander the Great, from Kitab Sirr al-Asrar, 10th cent, (2nd passage from 1528 translation).

A piece of advice more than a few rulers could learn from today…